A home automation system for your Raspberry PI and your Android smartphone.

Current developments

Version 1.3 currently in development! Changes:

    • Rules to automate actions
    • Integration of wifi enabled socket (model Orvibo S20)
    • Integration of Anel switchable power lines
    • Integration of TP Link HS100 and HS110
    • Remote sensor nodes (based on ESP8266) with 3d printed case
    • Push notifications to clients running Android
    • Start script improved and updated to match with newer debian requirements
    • MQTT client to subscribe to external devices

What this program does:

  • Provides a server application running on your Raspberry PI (multiple nodes support to enhance range)
  • Provides an Android client to remote control that server.
  • With this combination you can remotely switch your 433 MHz sockets and infrared devices. I plan to integrate more devices like Zigbee, Z wave, etc. in the future.
  • It can monitor attached sensors like temperature, motion detection and brightness sensors.

What it does not:

  • Assist you in setting up your Raspberry or attached hardware like radio/IR transceivers. Consider it as a graphical interface for your already working environment.


  • Depending on the hardware you equipped your raspberry with it can currently do:
    • Switch 433MHz sockets
    • Operate infrared devices
    • Use some sensors
  • Schedule commands
  • The android client support parameters to automate stuff (read more in the parameters chapter.
  • Clustering: If you have the server running on multiple nodes they'll work together and relay commands.
    • Personally I have put one in each room in which I have devices to operate. That solves most range problems.
    • Works as long as they can reach each other over network (cable, wifi, etc.).
    • Your client will only need to connect to 1 node, they'll negotiate the rest in the background.

Planned features

I already have those on the radar though I cannot give you a date if none is mentioned.

  • Webinterface as a client, so you can use it without an Android phone.
  • Voice recognition for commands. However you would need to install microphones to your raspberries and it would need to listen to your environment all the time.
  • Rules to automate stuff from within the server application (without going through a client).


  • Consider this as BETA software!
    • I'm using it myself and therefore have to make sure the most used features are working reliably so my girlfriend doesn't get mad if she can't turn on the lights.
    • But don't bet your life on it.
    • Give it some time, this is very complex. And I'm doing my best to fix bugs.
  • Use the board to post questions, comments, etc.
  • You can contact me here: android-development@gmx.de
  • I do not plan to publish an IOS app.
    • If there's a developer out there willing to make one, feel free to contact me.
    • Same goes for Windows Phone or any other platform than Android.
    • It is already hard enough to get the app work reliably on one platform.
  • The software is currently not open source.
  • However it is free to use for whatever non-commercial purpose, but if you plan to redistribute it leave it as it is, meaning leave my name in it.

Changelog (RSS-Feed)

  • Version 1.2.5 (number 4), published on 18.09.2017 (archive download here)
    • Maintenance release.
    • Preparations for next release.
  • Version 1.2 (number 3), published on 14.01.2016 (archive download here)
    • Webinterface
    • Sensors moved to database.
    • Many bug fixes
    • Updater uses https
  • Version 1.1 (number 2), published on 09.06.2015 (archive download here)
    • Server: LDAPCacheRefresher was also running when other authentication mode was used.
    • Client: GUI improvements
    • Server/Client: Setting to use Unicode and enable special characters.
    • Server: Logging: Content improved
    • Server/Client: Sensors improved
    • Server: Relay connection speed improvement
    • Server/Client: Logging improved by introducing log levels.
    • Server: New requisite: Java 8 (as described now in server installation manual)
    • Server: Email notifications
  • Version 1.0 (number 1), published on 02.03.2015
    • Basic version

Installation manuals:

Further stuff:

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