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If you want to make a donation for the development of my programs you can use the following methods:

  1. Via bank transfer to DE58500240247178081201 / DEFFDEFFXXX / C24 Bank

  2. Via the German platform Paydirekt to android-development@gmx.de

  3. You can use the link, but Paypal keeps a relatively high comission. So it would be highly appreciated if you could instead make a transfer manually using the "friends" option. Send it to android-development@gmx.de

  4. Liberapay

  5. Send Bitcoins to the address: bc1qf9hqymh0qeunvkj95jrl9vtagjsmxuc7c7dle5

I'd like to thank everyone who decides to make a donation. In many cases I try to send donators a little thank you email. But some methods like BTC don't allow that because of their anonymity. In that case a THANK YOU here will have to do.