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A home automation system for your Raspberry PI and your Android smartphone.

Install Android client

Setup devices

Now, you are at the point where you have successfully setup the server and you could connect with the client.

433 MHz devices

  • Select a room.
  • Enter a name.
  • Check the "Radio 443MHz" checkbox
  • Enter a code manually or ask the server to suggest the next free one.
  • Commands are not necessary at first. Except for scheduling they only make sense for infrared devices.
  • Setup a socket with the same code.

Infrared devices:

  • Select a room.
  • Enter a name. This name needs to be the same you specified in lircd.conf (see screenshot)!!!!
  • Check the "Infrared" checkbox
  • Click Commands -> Add
  • Enter a name. This would be something of your own choice.
  • Select infrared as carrier type.
  • For signal name: Enter what you named a command during lircd setup. E.g. "KEY_POWER" (see screenshot).
  • For command type: Select one of three things this does, power on / power off / anything else. That categorisation is necessary for scheduling.

Parameterized start of Android client

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