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Frequently asked questions

App usage

Bug report

If something is not working as you think it should, preferrably activate logging, set the logging level to 5 and reproduce the issue. Then send me the log from the app's control panel.
Even if you do not wish to send me logs, using the email button in the control panel helps as it collects some basic information for the email body. This is information is usually necessary for me.
Differentiate between failing triggers and failing actions. Is the rule not ran at all or is it and it's only the actions that don't work? You can run a rule manually by performing a long click on it.

Is there a "manual only" trigger?

If you want a rule to be never activated automatically, but only manually, there is currently no such setting per se.

BUT: You can create a trigger that demands battery level exceeds 100%. That will never be true. And for the time being I have decided to leave this "loophole" in the user interface as a workaround.

Service won't start at boot on Xiaomi phones

If the service doesn't start automatically after boot on a Xiaomi phone even though it is configured to start automatically, you need to enable that in the Xiaomi "Security" app.

The app is so complicated. How can I create a rule that does....?

If you cannot find an answer in the examples section, feel free to send me an email.

Other questions


If you're willing to donate something, you have a variety of options. See here for more information. I'm not really earning anything out of this currently. But you help by avoiding financial costs in hosting fees.

Can you implement feature XYZ for me?

Many people ask me if I can implement something that would help them in their very specific scenario.

While I'm generally happy to help, keep in mind I am developing this app in my free time which is limited. If I choose to implement something I'm usually trying to focuse on those features with a wide field of applicability.

How can I contribute

You can contribute by filing bug reports and providing me specific informations on how to reproduce them. If you can program, feel free to send me a patch file.


If you know a language the app has not been translated to yet, have a look at the latest source file: https://git.server47.de/jens/Automation/src/branch/development/app/src/main/res/values/strings.xml

Translate the file and send it to me via email. Omit the lines with "translatable=false".