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Automation is an Android app to automate certain things on your device. Open the Play Store entry to display more information.

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What are the differences?


Here's an explanation of the permissions.


Here are examples of some interesting things one can do with the program. Also find help for how to use the start program feature.


Frequently asked questions

Privacy policy

Find the privacy policy of Automation here.

Source code

Find the source code here.


Thanks for contributions go to:


If you wish to donate, please find the options here: https://server47.de/donate/


For a changelog please refer to the one in F-Droid: https://f-droid.org/de/packages/com.jens.automation2/ or the one in my repository

Known problems or requested features

Known problems

This is the changelog of the next version, which has not been released, yet. If your issue is mentioned among those changes, please just be patient and wait for that version to be released. If your problem is not mentioned there, please report it to me.

* Fixed: Corrected multiple code points that caused crashes when targetApk > 31 (affected only Google Play version)

Long-term goals

In addition I have these things on the radar: