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Privacy policy for Automation

Distributing my application through Google Play Store requires me to provide a privacy policy. However in general I can say the application is not transferring data anywhere unless you configure it to do so. With the exception of the log file no data is permanently stored either. You can deactivate the log file in settings. Even if you activate logging the log file is only stored on your device.

Let me go through this by explaining the most critical permissions the app is requesting:

Network access

Record audio

This permission is used to determine the current noise level. For that a short recording is being recorded. It is only stored in your device's ram for a short time (you control the duration of each recording in settings). Afterwards the peak level is being determined and the recording is removed again.

Telephone calls

The application does not store data about your phone calls. They are only temporarily being monitored to determine if rules apply to it and to determine the currently status of the phone (call running or not).